Dr. Scott;

Here is the email report that we sent about our trip to Pine Valley area and the map that we created.

"Thanks. We ended up going from Pine Valley to Guatay to Julian. I'll attach a map of what we found. I have some pictures that we took that I can send later for verification. Is it pretty safe to say that in an area like that, if you're not in a burnt area and there are dead oaks, it's likely GSOB? We started out investigating every dead tree individually and almost all of them were either burned or had evidence of GSOB, so after that, we just drove down the road and counted dead oaks on both sides. We then reported it similarly to the Google Earth maps on this site: http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/spf/fhp/fhm/aerial/draft/index.shtml

Now that we are more confident in locating these infested trees, what location would you suggest that hasn't been studied very well and has a probability of GSOB damage? We saw on the map linked above that there was one tree in Palomar with GSOB, so we were thinking of investigating between Julian and Palomar or north of Palomar to see if they've gotten any closer to Riverside County since that map was done.

Thanks for your guidance,
Mike and Krystal"


Here is the report and the map that we did of our trip to Marian Bear Memorial Park.
Genesee Parking Lot (small, black rectangle)
Tree 1- Mild bark damage, possibly GSOB, mild canopy damage (Picture #2338-2340)
2- Leaf damage, no bark damage (#2341-2342)
3- No bark damage (none)
4- No bark damage (none)
5- fire damage (none)
6- some fire damage and borer holes, possibly GSOB (2343-2345)
7- No bark damage (none)
8- No bark damage, mild leaf damage (none)
9- No bark damage, mild leaf damage (none)
2 infested trees in 1 acre
Regents Road Parking Lot (large, black rectangle)
10- Some bark damage, some fire damage, possibly GSOB (2357-2361)
11- No bark damage (none)
12- No bark damage, galls on branches (2362)
1 infested tree in 4 acres