Free Stuff for Science Teachers

Here is the full list of links to free resources for science teachers online. Please add your comments and your own links to free stuff by clicking on "Discussion". You may be notified by email any time new discussions are added by clicking the "notify me" tab. If you are a science teacher you can download or request all of these items online or by filling out a form and making a request. If you have suggestions for more free science teacher resources, add them to the discussion page or email mhorton. If you come across a dead link or an expired offer, please let me know also. Thanks to Ellen Loehman for sending me many new links.

326 Resources and growing!!!

New Items:
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Chemistry book (scroll down to "Read a sample chapter")
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Physics book (scroll down to "Read a sample chapter")
Online games to encourage hand-washing
Free materials from James Randi Educational Foundation to teach critical thinking and skepticism
Conceptual Chemistry Alive videos: an entire chemistry curriculum worth of videos FREE (click on "Tutorials: Video Lessons")
Free website with biographical info about Famous Scientists
A Year's Worth of Life Science Activities by C. Whitmore, presented at CSTA: AYearofLifeScienceLabs.pdf
Popular Science 137 years of archived magazines FREE
StrategicSciTchgBk.pdf Strategic Science Teaching book from from the CISC Science Subcommittee (great book, now full version is FREE!)
List of science teacher grants with links Grants.doc
Inquiry in Action book inquiry-based physical science book also molecular models and videos from American Chemical Society
Book: Essential Elements of Effective Science Instruction for English Learners (link may be broken; try this one) by Fred Dobb

Free Science Podcasts:
Science Misconception Podcast by Michael Horton
Video Podcasts for AP Chemistry, dozens of episodes
**Free audio and video university science lectures**. Hundreds of feeds available.
NSTA's "Lab Out Loud" podcast about science education
American Chemical Society's podcast, Bytesize Science for students
60-Second science podcast gives a 1-minute story each day on a variety of subjects. Perfect as a sponge activity.
60-Second psych podcast gives 1-minutes stories of brain and behavior research.
60-Second Earth podcast about Earth Science Topics from Scientific American
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast hosted by Dr. Steven Novella covers topics of pseudoscience, UFOs, aliens, and homeopathy. Very funny cast, often inappropriate language for students but great for teachers.
The Naked Scientists podcast. The title sounds bad, but this is a great podcast always appropriate for students and teachers. Has a segment called "Kitchen Science" each episode with simple-to-do experiments (archived online).
Science podcasts dealing with a variety of issues particularly interesting to new science teachers.
Science Inquirer Summer Edition had a list of over a dozen free podcasts from the BBC, Popular Science, Science Magazine, and more.
MicrobeWorld Radio, Microbiology podcast 90 seconds per day

Free posters:
"Make Waves -- Discover Science" posters
Free Optics and Photonics posters from SPIE
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Take Physics poster
Free Physics posters
Celebrate Women in Physics poster
Make Waves - Discover Science from the Optical Society of America
Free Posters from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Medical Sciences games, posters, and publications. Topics include cells, careers, proteins, and health.
Human Genome poster
Milestones of Science Poster from AAAS, with $3 shipping and handling charge
Free posters from EPA on pollution, estuaries, water quality, pesticides, and more
Mineral Information Instituteperiodic table, lesson plans, and activities.
Optics and Photonics posters: indluding nanotechnology, LASERs, and energy
Periodic Table
APS Careers in Physiology brochure, email a request for up to 300 copies to
Tufts University: Human Genome, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Layers of the Earth, etc.
Earth/Mars Comparison (NASA)
USGS Water Education
Importance of eating “green” foods
Forest Life
Air, Water, Land, and Ice
Hazardous Waste
Solar Poster and Spectroscope
NASA/JPL Resource Center or call 909.397.4420external image call_skype_logo.png909.397.4420
IRIS Seismology Poster
Business posters, many of which apply to education. Download and print.
Forest Foundation posters, bookmarks, lessons, and other information.
How to get into college posters from California State University Chancellor (download the poster here)
Sun-Earth Day (March 21st) posters, flyer, kits, bookmarks, banners, etc.
Physics posters including an Einstein mosaic and physicscentral.
Women in Science posters and videos.

Free Email Listservs:
Middle School Science email listserv
High School Chemistry
Earth Science
Ocean Science

Free foldables:
Volcano, earthquake fault, and fossils
Great foldables of dinosaurs, cut-away sun, Earth/Moon scale model, insects, etc. from Canon
Earth Science foldables of faults, volcanoes, landforms, planets, etc. from USGS

Free bookmarks and coloring books:
Physics coloring book for kids, downloadable
Animal bookmarks
Neuroscience for kids resources including coloring book, lesson plans, experiments, and games

Free Kits:
Free physics kit for middle school teachers who sign up for the PhysicsQuest science mystery competition
Science Fair Survival Kit from Elmer's and Discovery Education
Materials kit to teach about the chemistry of plastics from American Chemistry Council
Seeds for space crops. Get seeds to grow dwarf "space crops."
Science and Our Food Supply
Physics Competition Kits (requests for 2007 competition will begin in late spring)
Kit to teach atmospheric science (ozone layer, CFCs, and aerosol products) from CAPCO

Free Videos:
Videos of science demonstrations from MIT
Science of NHL Hockey video from NSF
Conceptual Chemistry Alive videos: an entire chemistry curriculum worth of videos FREE (click on "Tutorials: Video Lessons")
Free Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars DVD
Eight free Force and Motion Workshop videos from Annenberg Media
Free short videos on climate change by NSF with climate scientists
Great free chemistry demonstration videos
Video Glossary of Scientific Terms by Berkeley Lab scientists, more than 60 terms and growing.
The Human Spark video series about human evolution from PBS and NSF
The Science of the Olympic Games videos from NBC and NSF
Reviewed science videos, software, websites, etc. from CLRN. Some require subscription or payment.
Science videos, powerpoints, worksheets, and career profiles.
A collection of physics-related YouTube videos (1,000 of them) that have been previewed.
**Cool experiments and demonstration videos** from
Videos to accompany Nova's "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" video including Ken Miller and Judge John Jones
Educational Videos like YouTube but filtered to be appropriate for kids. Variety of topics in science section.
Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed video from NSF
Science in Motion Video series from NSF on a variety of topics, mostly life science.
"Secrets of the Sequence" Videos on genetic research from Virginia Commonwealth University
Science and Technology videos from NBC news, 1,000 short clips
Mystery of Dark Matter DVD and lesson plans
PBS Science Investigators Videos (How do knuckleballs work, bacteria batteries, etc.)
WiredScience Videos (GeekDad, DIY, Careers in Science, etc.)
Another free DVD with clips from 20/20 for use in the classroom. This one includes ethanol fuel and vaccine fears.
Videos of teachers using research-based strategies with English Learners in the classroom (some science) through Project CONNECT
50 Free Biotechnology and genetics videos for streaming or download from Virginia Commonwealth University
Evolution DVDs, animations, lesson plans, teachers guide from HHMI
Nova "Absolute Zero" series, part two coming soon.
Hundreds of cool high speed videos like a "whoopee cushion" and a balloon filled with syrup popped by a dart.
Free DVD "Watershed Wonders" about pollution and the watershed
Free ocean science video clips from BlueWorldTV
Free science videos, YouTube, TeacherTube, and ScienceHack (Note, some videos are unsafe and inappropriate for the classroom. Screen all videos before showing. TeacherTube and ScienceHack are filtered for content but not safety.)
Free Videos on: The nature of science, critical thinking, biodiversity, and bald eagle habitats.
Earth Science videos
Free math and science videos from The Futures Channel
ESPN science of sports videos
Great Chemistry Demo Video Clips from JCE's Chemistry Comes Alive
Free biology DVDs (cloning, bioengineering, RNA, etc.) from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Teaching English Learners videos including Assessment, Differentiation, Accessing the Textbook, etc.
Optics and Light videos including: Optics: Light at work and Careers in Optics
Women in Science videos and posters
Einstein's Miracle Year video streamed.
300 Newton's Apple video clips and project ideas
Webcast of "Teaching Science: How to Really Give Universal Access to English Learners," on Thursday, November 30 from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time by Wested.
Lots of high quality content and pedagogy streaming videos for teachers
Videos for teaching evolution for students and teachers from WGBH
Chemistry demonstration videos from JCE's "Chemistry Comes Alive" CDs
Quicktime videos to accompany labs and demos
DVDs on evolution, RNA, fat, hypertension
“It’s a Wild Ride”: Science and Math of roller coasters
Chemistry Demonstration videos
Watershed Wonders DVD free to 1,000 California schools
John Stossel clips about educational issues from 20/20
Video of a cow eye dissection and instructions how to do one yourself
Hawaiin Volcano time-lapse videos from USGS
A Tour of the Cryosphere download video or free DVD from NASA

Free Physics Videos:
Physics modules with video clips for teaching common physics concepts from University of New South Wales
Super Slow Motion Video clips
RIT LivePhysics Videos
Rutgers Physics Quicktime Movies
Doane Physics Quicktime Movies
Vidshell Video Clips
Video Analysis on the Web (includes built-in video analysis for ANY video clip online)
Animations on a variety of physics topics

Free Inquiry Videos:
Learning Science Through Inquiry (K-8)
Minds of Our Own (K-12)
Private Universe (5-12)
Private Universe Project in Science (K-12)
Science IMAGES (K-8)
Science K-6: Investigating Classrooms
The Science of Teaching Science (K-8)
Teaching High School Science through Inquiry

Free Lessons, Labs, and Demos:
Kitchen Science Experiments (preview first, some are unsafe)
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Chemistry book
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Physics book
Free materials from James Randi Educational Foundation to teach critical thinking and skepticism
FEMA Science Sleuths curriculum
NASA free Climate Science Curriculum
TruTV Forensics in the Classroom Activities
The Inquiry Project Matter Inquiry Lessons grades 3-5
"Teach Engineering" free Engineering Curriculum perfect for NGSS
American Chemical Society Middle School Science Lessons and Activities
National Institute of Health Biology Curriculum Units (HS and MS)
National Energy Education Development Project Curriculum Units
University of Saint Thomas "Squishy Circuits" Experiments for Elementary students using Play-Doh
UC Berkeley Web-Based Inquiry Science Environment activities
Buck Institute for Education Project Based Learning Activities
General Atomics Science Units on Color, DNA, Materials Science, Seasons, etc.
Materials Science STEM resources from ASM Materials Camps, a set of classroom activities to supplement high school chemistry
Waves, light, and sound activities on another wikispaces site
Free lesson plans, videos, and activities from and the Verizon Foundation
A Year's Worth of Life Science Activities by C. Whitmore, presented at CSTA: AYearofLifeScienceLabs.pdf
Earthquakes curriculum resources
Composting in the Classroom 126-page inquiry guide for middle and high school students
Seismic Sleuths earthquake curriculum for grades 7-12 from FEMA (pdf files)
Science Vocabulary Picture Cards for elementary (with Spanish translations)
Outdoor Biology Activities, 97 free activities
Great ideas for Project Based Learning in science from Intel
Elementary lessons, labs, and videos for grades 4-6
Free printables, graphic organizers, PowerPoints, and activities from TeacherVision
Cool experiments and demonstration videos from
Huge lists of science demonstrations with detailed instructions from Europe
Free Environmental Education Units compatible with California standards: Grade 2: Rocks and Minerals, Grade 2: Ecosystems, Grade 5: Water Cycle, more to come soon.
Hundreds of science lesson plans with experimentsfrom the Utah Education Network (check grade levels as they are based upon Utah's science standards)
Free water lessons, posters, and booklets related to California standards
Optics Lesson Plans from Optics for Kids
Mystery of Dark Matter DVD and lesson plans
Activities for Middle School science
Neuroscience for kids resources including coloring book, lesson plans, experiments, and games
Science with Toys activities from TerrificScience
Free science lab activities for use with Vernier probes
Free Chemistry lesson plans
Free Chemistry Lesson plans, labs, PowerPoints, and demonstrations
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science "5E" Lesson Plans from The Copernicus Project at UC Riverside
Energy, Efficiency, and Renewable energy lessons and activities from USDOE Dept. of Energy.
Life Science Games, Career Information, and Lesson Plans from BioworksU
Physics lessons, labs, and activities
Free science lesson plans aligned with California content standards
Physics lab instructions and worksheets from Arbor Scientific. Most can be done with simple equipment, otherwise links to purchase materials are given.
The Zula Patrol science and astronomy outreach materials: email Andrea Tompkins,
175 (and counting) free science powerpoints, lessons, labs, and games submitted by teachers
Lessons using real arctic ice core data to draw conclusions about climate
1.5 million digital resources, NSDL
Free Schoolyard Geology lessons
Kitchen chemistry experiments (virtual and real) from pbskids
Countertop Chemistry experiments from North Carolina State
Food Science activities and videos from Discovery Education and IFT.
Geology teaching resources from
Labs and Activities
Graph Paper
Search engines to make free NASA materials easier to find (1) (2)
NIH Lessons and Curriculum (Life Sciences)
Earth Science Lesson Plans
Inquiry Lab on Acids and Bases, but a very good format for any inquiry lab.
Earth day lessons and environmental science activities. See Earth Day Science Symposium for 7-day lesson plan.
Genomics Analogy Model for Educators: genetics and genomics lessons and activities.
Wyland Ocean Challenge, "Clean Water for the 21st Century": lesson plans grades K-3 and 4-6
Science and Our Food Supply, food safety lesson plans
Ocean Science Curriculum from NOAA
Ocean Science lessons and labs, on the bridge
Free lessons and Action Research from veteran teachers
Thousands of worksheets

Free Books, Newsletters, and Magazines:
**Popular Science**137 years of archived magazines FREE
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Chemistry book
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Physics book
StrategicSciTchgBk.pdf Strategic Science Teaching book from from the CISC Science Subcommittee (great book, now full version is FREE!)
Essay on "Helping English Language Learners Understand Content Area Texts"
Michigan State University Chemistry ebook
Free chemistry lab books
ChemSource free Chemistry ebook Chapters
Free middle school chemistry book, activities, videos, and molecular animations from American Chemical Society
Laboratory Safety Guidelines booklet, email a request to
Free "Thermodynamics and Chemistry" book from University of Maryland
Science News e-Magazine for 9-12 year olds, Spigot Science Magazine
Free Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate news websites
Guide to combating astronomical pseudosciences from The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Literature review about Science Inquiry (from 1999)
Online kids science magazine. 5 free issues each year.
Chemistry in the National Science Education Standards, book from American Chemical Society w/ chapter on Inquiry
Book: Essential Elements of Effective Science Instruction for English Learners by Fred Dobb
Inquiry in Action book inquiry-based physical science book also molecular models and videos from American Chemical Society
California Water books for upper elementary school. Email
Inventucation Magazine for teachers who want to incorporate inventions into the classroom
My Science Inquirer Newsletter with calendar of events, teacher opportunities, and cover articles on a variety of subjects
What you need to know about energy booklet Teachers can order hard copies for use in their classroom.
Planetary Times newsletter related to space science.
Astronomy Education Review, web-based journal and archive of past issues.
Growing Space magazine showing how agriculture and space are connected
Take A Cloud Walk book about clouds, weather, global climate change, etc. from
The Universe in the Classroom electronic newsletter from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Free e-newsletter for elementary principals to support science, "Scientific Principals"
Free "The Chemistry Educator" journal for chemistry teachers and professors
Free book with hundreds of ideas for science activities for elemenatry teachers
"Cool Stuff" eNewsletter from Arbor Scientific including links to archives of past newsletters
Physics Coloring Book from APS
Universe in the Classroom electronic newsletter on astronomy and the universe
How Students Learn: Science in the classroom (click on the controls to advance the pages)
America's Lab Report: Investigations in High School Science (click on the controls to advance the pages)
Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8 (click on the controls to advance the pages)
Inquiry: Thoughts, Views and Strategies for the K-5 Classroom
Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards
Fossils, Rocks, and Dinosaurs
Labs and Demos
Survival Guide for New Teachers
Essential Elements of Effective Science Instruction for English Learners
Free Science books for early readers (just pay shipping)
Free "Green Teacher" magazine online edition available until July 1st, 2007

Free Computer Stuff:
Simple Machines Game for elementary students
Free countdown timer online
Online games to encourage hand-washing
Free Environmental Health Student Portal from NLM
The Visible Human Project from NLM
Free virtual science activities including "Dragon Genetics," "Atomic Structure," and others for all grade levels and subject areas.
Royalty-free photos with some science images
Free website with biographical info about Famous Scientists
ChemIDPlus, see the 3D structure of chemicals whose names you type in (type a name, click "search", click "enlarge structure", and check "Display 3D Model"
Molecular Workbench simulations and activities in biology and chemistry
Free cliparts and photos for use in presentations and such
Copyright-Free Images (including a science category)
Demo of virtual dissection software with worksheets
Printable Paper Rulers (metric and all different types)
Virtual biology labs including Transgenic Fly, Bacterial ID, Cardiology, Neurophysiology, and Immunology from HHMI
Website with resources to answer the question "Why do we need to study science?"
Website with fun podcasts, ask the scientist, games, and quizzes from sciencemadefun
Virtual Earthquake lab: find the epicenter, determine the magnitude, etc.
Virtual drosophila lab where you can mate flies with 26 different characteristics and test their fitness for different environments.
Crayon Physics Deluxe: Really fun game where you use physics to solve puzzles.
Free Microsoft Office teacher templates and toolbars
Rock Cycle Animations
Essentials of Cell biology CD-ROM
PHUN, physics simulation software can make cars, liquids, pendula, custom items, etc. to experiment with virtually
Crime Scene Investigator online game from Rice University
Interactive Games on Infectious Diseases and Animal Research from
Endangered species ringtones and pix for cell phones and wallpaper for computers.
Free science games, projects and activities at NASA Space Place
3-D modelling of DNA software full version
Random student number selector: unkstudents.swf by Mike Horton
Life Science Games, Career Information, and Lesson Plans from BioworksU
Space and astronomy-related games for kids of a variety of ages from NASA
Virtual Prehistoric Sea Monsters fossil dig from National Geographic
Free teacher tools for the computer like a countdown timer, random name selector, and word counter from Harmony Hollow.
DNA Microarray applet with background on genomics and gene expression
Chemistry computer games
Applet on "How and when a fetus' gender is determined".
Word plugin to format chemical equations with one click! Subscripts, superscripts, arrows, scientific notation with one click!
Widgets- Widgets are little free programs like clocks, timers, calculators, viewers for museum web cams, weather tracker, photo slideshow viewer, etc. that you can download and install. You have to install a small program to run them and then you can download thousands of them for free. Just be sure to uncheck "install Yahoo toolbar" when you're installing and you won't get any advertisements.
Earth Science applets
Printable Protractors
Printable Rulers
Printable Graph Paper
Free Graph Creation online software for students without Excel at home
Science applets for elementary students with quizzes and virtual labs.
Copyright-free images for use in PowerPoints, lessons, etc.
Online Stopwatch
Excellent Physics Applets on Light, Mechanics, Waves, Optics, Electricity, and more.
Biology illustrations and animations,
Fruit fly genetics applet
Virtual Genetics Lab software
Interactive animated science lessons from e-learning for kids
Physics applet to teach velocity and acceleration vectors.
Software to teach about global warming, El Nino, ozone hole, and Amazon River
Rocket designer tests center of gravity and center of pressure for different designs.
Virtual Geology Labs
Virtual Chemistry labs
Chemistry simulations, labs, assignments
Interactive virtual field trips through Yellowstone National Park
Bugscope, a remotely-controlled microscope to view bugs with lesson plans. is a storage place for online tutorials, lessons, and other computer resources to be used in class.
Free cliparts are available from GTCO Calcomp for use in PowerPoints, etc.
Earth Science images and cliparts.
Free Pictures, Videos, and resources in a variety of subject areas.
PowerPoint presentations on science careers
Audio answers to science questions that stump us from NPR's Science Out of the Box.
Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science applets.

Free Field Trips:
Free fieldtrips to Inland Empire wetlands from Inland Empire Waterkeepers (many communities have Waterkeepers)

Free Lists of Free Stuff:
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) is a list of over 400 free resources for teachers. Most are free websites, not products.

Miscellaneous Files for Download:

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