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February 16, 2011
Convergence in the Research on High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools (Statewide System of School Support, Regional School Support & Improvement Centers, July, 2000: ConvergenceonHighPerfHighPovSchools.pdf
What does the Research Say About . . . PowerPoint (sorry, the time links won't work): What Does the Research Say About.pptx.pptx
Earthquake curriculum resources link

November 18, 2010
Agenda: AgendaNov2010.doc
CDE Update: CDEUpdateNov2010.doc
Lakeside High School Laboratory Format Documents (Deborah Lilly)
compilation option- Lilly.doc
color comparison.xls
Lab Report Outline.mht
Cheating Article: abcnews
POGIL Website

September 16, 2010
Survey shows California parents want science ed a high priority.doc
Biology Lesson Study ppt..pptx
KathyHavertEnvPresentation.ppt (some digital photos were removed to reduce the file size)
Riverside County Data:
San Bernardino County Data:

PEAK Program Presentation: PEAK DSLN Mtg Presetnation_2010.pptx

May 27, 2010
Agenda: Agenda2.doc
Summer Science Fair Mentorships (RIMS Region only): Student Science Fair Summer Mentorship Opportunities.doc
Documents from Jason Tate, Indio High School
Indio High School Science Program Improvements.doc
IHSScience Transition 9-12.doc
Biology Teacher Switch Data(student anon).xls
08-09 Bio A Repeat Data (anon).xls
Remediation Plan.rtf

February 25, 2010
Agenda: Agenda.doc
What does the research say PowerPoint: What does the Research Say About.ppt
Presentation from Ziba, Sara, Yami, and Henry: NotebooksEtcPresentation.ppt
CDE Update: CDEUpdate.doc
La Sierra's Biology InterRichment Files:
Final 0910.xls
Mass Pass.doc
Master InterRichment Schedule.xls
Proficient on Sem 1 Final 2009.xls

Grants: Grants.doc

November 12, 2009
Agenda: DSLN November2009.doc
Framework Chapter: CA_ScFr_Chp6_5.18.09.doc
CST Test Info: ScienceTests.pdf
STAR Report Riv. Co.: STARReport.pdf
Science Fair Expo Flyer: ScienceFairExpo.pdf
"Teaching Content Is Teaching Reading" Video
RCOE presentation 11-09 final 2.pdf Mary Bruno's presentation

September 23, 2009
Outlier data will be uploaded soon.
Agenda- Agenda.doc
CDE update- CDE Update.doc, InstructionalMaterialsFramework.doc
High School Counseling- CounselingScience.doc
Middle School Intervention Students- grade8scibluprintHighlighted.doc, MiddleSchoolSciSS.doc
Elementary resources- Klentschy Science Notebooks article.pdf

September, 2008
These are the data files for the outlier schools with subgroups in science. We would be happy to sit down with district office people and identify all of their schools on these charts to see how they compare with the trend. San Bernardino files will be uploaded soon.
Biology- RivBiology_1.pdf
Chemistry- RivChemistry.pdf
Earth Science- RivEarthScience-trend.pdf
10th Grade Life Science- RivGrade10LS-trend.pdf
5th Grade- RivGrade5Sci-trend.pdf
8th Grade- RivGrade8Sci-trend.pdf
Physics- RivPhysics-trend.pdf
PowerPoint, What the Research Says about . . . Homework: Homework2.ppt

November, 2008
CDE Update via minutes of the CISC meeting: CISC.doc (if editing marks show up, click "View" and "Markup" to make them go away)
Report on Apple Valley outlier schools in Special Education Science: CST Special Ed Results 2AppleValley.ppt
Flyer for electronic virtual Physics PLC: PhysicsePLC.pdf
List of Riverside County schools with 3-year science graduation requirement: ScienceGraduationRequirementRivCounty.xls
Math Prerequisite analysis of RTQs:
Biology- BiologyRTQ.xls
10th Grade Life science- 10thGrade.xls
Chemistry- ChemistryRTQ.xls
Earth Science- EarthScienceRTQ.xls
Physics- PhysicsRTQ.xls
The Direct Instruction paper will be included as soon as editing is complete.

January, 2009
CDE Update 01-06-09 CISC Update.doc
Physics Data: PhysicsNumbersEnroll.xls, PhysicsNumbersExper.xls, PhysicsNumbersProf.xls
County Science Data: CountyData5.xls, CountyData8.xls, CountyData10.xls
Houston Schools and Research: HoustonScience.xls, HoustonvsCaliforniaSummary.doc
Cynthia Glover-Woods' PowerPoint: MYRA LINN ELEMENTARY.ppt
Pete A'Hearn Data regarding science in the ELA adoptions: image_sb_10.jpg image_sb_11.jpg
Link to Fly Stick video demonstrations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVNpY-Ay_XM
By request: Data regarding 9th and 10th grade biology versus performance on 10th Grade Life Science Test (Note: This data is a couple of years old. It shows that "Similar Schools" that have a majority of 9th graders take biology and "Similar Schools" that have a majority of 10th graders take biology have almost identical results.) 91011biodata.xls