Karen Villegas: UCLA
Karen Villegas just graduated from West Valley High School in Hemet. She is the first in her family to both graduate high school and go to college. She was the winner of a Gates Millenium Scholarship, Dell Scholarship, KFC Scholarship, plus numerous other local scholarships and she shares some of her scholarship secrets. She’ll be headed to UCLA next year to become a lawyer.

Uriel Sanchez: Johns Hopkins University
In this episode, I’ll be interviewing Uriel Sanchez, a recent graduate from ElsinoreHigh Schoolin Lake ElsinoreCalifornia. Uriel is dyslexic and the first in his family to graduate high school or attend college. He’s a Gates Millenium Scholarship winner, valedictorian, and headed to Johns Hopkins andOxfordUniversities to become a doctor.

Yvette Rodriguez: Brown University

Yvette is the daughter of two migrant farm workers from Mexico. She became an AVID student and is not headed to Brown University. In this interview, Yvette talks about homework, AP classes, and where she went when a class was difficult.

Maricela Lupercio: Harvard University

Maricela is the daughter of two immigrants from Mexico who value education and hard work and instilled those values in their daughter. In this interview, Maricela speaks of the application and interview process and how she chose Harvard as her destination.

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