Here are some physics videos from the Science Mini Conference. The presenters are Maria Chiara-Simani from UC Riverside, Peter Siegel from Cal Poly Pomona, Doug Johnson from Cal Poly Pomona, and Dave Susuras from Vista del Lago High School.

If the video player isn't working properly, just right click on the video and select "Play/Pause."

Here's a video of Dr. Siegel demonstrating terminal velocity with coffee filters.

Here's a video of my daughter putting a straw in her lemonade creating an interesting effect.

Here are some demonstrations about acceleration using two marble tracks.

Here are some more acceleration demonstrations using the two marble tracks.

Air pressure demonstrations using "suction" cups and such.

Demonstration of the 60-cycle EMR given off by a light bulb.

Demonstration of air resistance using a book and a feather.

Series of buoyancy demonstrations Part 1

Series of buoyancy demonstrations Part 2

Series of buoyancy demonstrations Part 3

Series of buoyancy demonstrations Part 4

Fun Fly Stick and Soda Can Demo

Charging and Discharging a Capacitor

Coil and Neon Light

Aluminum Can and PVC Pipe Demo

Bernoulli Bag Demo

Curveball Demonstration/Explanation

Electroscope Demonstration

Showing how to set up two Genecons to demonstrate efficiency

Using Genecons to demonstrate series and parallel circuits

Using metal plates and pipes to create a "human battery"