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    Science Misconception Podcast
    on a CD player if you have a CD © 2008*
    The first series is on science misconceptions. These misconceptions are pervasive amongst students and many block students from learning the correct explanation for the concept. The collection will grow so check back frequently. For great videos about science misconceptions, go to and view the two series, A Private Universe and Minds of Our Own.
    If you have ideas for misconceptions that are not listed here, please email them to MICHAEL HORTON.
    2) "Water molecules are wet. Rock molecules are hard." WATERMOLECULESWET.mp3
    1) "Race cars have wide tires to provide more friction." FRICTION.mp3
    Michael Horton,
    Search terms (ignore this, it is just to make it easier to be found on google, altavista, etc.):
    Carbon radiocarbon dating is not used to determine the age of dinosaur fossils mars is not red the moon is not bigger on the horizon because it passes through more atmosphere and is magnified friction does not always oppose the direction of motion infrared and heat are not the same thing big bang misconceptions there is no center of the universe we cannot see to the edge of the universe there is gravity in space hot peppers are not hot mints are not cold not all nerves sense pain hair never stops growing hair does not grow back thicker after it is cut christmas holiday lights are not wired in parallel ice is not slippery because of the pressure of the ice skates you can cut ice in half with a wire, but not because of the pressure the earth's surface is not rough the earths surface is not rough airplanes do not get their lift from the bernoulli principle the primary colors are cyan magenta and yellow the primary colors are red green and blue the primary colors are not red yellow and blue 40 degrees celsius is not twice as hot as 20 degrees celsius air friction does not slow a car down air friction does not slow cars down air friction does not make space ships craft hot upon re-entry reentry atmosphere atoms do not get larger when they are heated the seasons are not caused by the earth being close closer to the sun in summer the seasons are not caused by the earth being farther from the sun in winter blood is not blue the material to make a tree does not come from the soil batteries do not lead acid alkaline batteries acid burning a candle is not endothermic boiling water bubbles are made of water vapor boiling water bubbles are not made of hydrogen oxygen air fish do not breathe the oxygen from h2o you have not seen a picture of the milky way galaxy the oxygen that we breathe does not come from the rain forests you cannot cool your house down by opening the refrigerator refridgerator door sals and salt solution do not have neutral ph sound is not a transverse wave sound is a longitudinal wave water molecules are not wet rock molecules are not hard race car tires are sticky large tires no friction there is no dark side of the moon spectrum of solubility acceleration of a projectile is not zero at apex peak top of trajectory like doesn't dissolve like lifting power hydrogen balloon helium balloon lifting capacity gas filled balloon car frame protects you from lightning rubber soled shoes do not protect you from lightning lightning rods do not attract lightning strikes cloud to ground intercloud intracloud lightning is most common lightning does strike the same place twice lava rocks are not magnetic high in magnesium not from core science can explain how bumble bees fly not fixed wings respiration and breathing are not the same thing air is not mostly oxygen air is mostly nitrogen the air that we exhale still has oxygen in it plants photosynthesize and respire steel wool and graduated cylinder 20% oxygen air candles water air oxygen
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    Super Slow Motion Video clips, Physics Demonstrations Videos, and Microscope photographs
    Please also check out the Inland Area Science Teachers Association website too!
    {mini.jpg} Download the newsletters here:
    Summer, 2010: Motivating Students to Learn, Subliminal Advertising, Focus Stacking, events
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    For information about any of these resource, email Michael Horton, mhorton
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    326 Resources and growing!!!
    New Items:
    Chemistry book (scroll down to "Read a sample chapter")
    Free chapter
    Physics book (scroll down to "Read a sample chapter")
    Online games to encourage hand-washing
    Free materials from James Randi Educational Foundation to teach critical thinking and skepticism
    Hazardous Waste
    Solar Poster and Spectroscope
    or call 909.397.4420 {chrome-extension://lifbcibllhkdhoafpjfnlhfpfgnpldfl/call_skype_logo.png} 909.397.4420
    IRIS Seismology Poster
    Business posters, many of which apply to education. Download and print.
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