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Helpful links for Earth Science Teachers and Students

**Enduring Resources for Earth Science Education** from NSF with lesson plans, research summaries, etc.
Digital Library for Earth System Education Look up lesson plans by grade level, standard, topic, etc... K-14
California's Earth Science standards for grades 9-12 California State Standards for Earth Science for High School
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Iabout everything from the surface of the sun to the bottom of the oceans.
NASA Eclipse Website Past, present and future eclipses plus general eclipse information.
Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Southern California Earthquake Center Communication, Education and Outreach** t
Earthquake Myths by SCEC Southern California Earthquake Center's Earthquake Myths page
Science News for Kids This site has weekly reader type news stories for kids as well as puzzles, games, lab zone, teacher zone, etc...
UC Berkeley Geology's Plate Tectonics Page This site has lots of good info and cool animations for teaching plate tectonics.
Virtual Volcano: Discovery Channel Build your own virtual volcano and watch it erupt! Also, great info and animations about volcanoes.
The Weather Channel The Weather Channel's home page... Up to date weather maps, forecasts, etc...
Start Local articles about weather and climate
Geology Animations
Spaceweather Homepage News and information about the Sun-Earth Environment
NASA's Educator Website K-12+ Resources, news, educational programs, etc...
NASA Student Website K-12+ Podcasts, opportunities for students, research/project help, NASA TV, Kid's Club Link
Volcano World Great info about volcanoes... The kids link has a great page on volcano myths and legends.
Cascades Volcano Observatory
Volcano Cams around the World See pics of volcanoes around the world in real time (or near real time, depending on the volcano...)
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country Earthquake preparedness handbook. PDF download or request a copy. Available in several languages.
University of Illinois Weather World 2010 Project This online guide provides lots of info on meteorology, remote sensing, weather maps, archieved weather
events and there are activites and projects for students with teacher guides included.
Geological Society of America K-12 Lesson Plans and Educational Resources
The Great California Shakeout Be Prepared! Sign up your family and students.

Careers in Earth Science

NASA Career Expo - Earth Science Explore Earth Science careers
American Geological Institute's Career Page This page includes information about careers, salaries, and has a 42 minute video on ES Careers that you can download.

Professional Organizations

Geological Society of America
The mission of GSA is to be a leader in advancing the geosciences, enhancing the professional growth of its members, and promoting the geosciences in the service of humankind.
National Association of Geosciences Teachers The National Association of Geoscience Teachers works to raise the quality of and emphasis on teaching the geosciences at all levels.
National Science Teacher Association NSTA’s Mission: "… to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all."
California Science Teachers Association
Inland Area Science Teachers Association
California Earth Science Teachers Association

VPSS & Service Learning: Summer 2011- Hey guys! Let me know if there is anything else you are looking for that I can post here. :)

Devil's PunchbowlPutting Down Roots in Earthquake Country
MWD Water Education Resources
Southern California Earthquake Center//Earthquake Country Kit
Did you feel it? Earthquake reporting site by USGS
More Actinolite including pronunciation: http://webmineral.com/data/Actinolite.shtml
Simplified California Fault Map
Simplified California Geology Map
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country booklet ordering site
**Earth Science Week** link
Free Earth Science videos link
Inland Area Science Teachers Association
Riverside Astronomical Society
Santa Rosa Plateau Information
Need rocks and mineral samples? You MUST check out Burmincos!!!! This place rocks!!! :)

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Jackie Cooper, GeoSciGoddess@aol.com
Rick Hall, rick_hall@sbcss.k12.ca.us
Mike Horton, **mhorton@rcoe.us**