Here you can download all of the resources from Reading in the CTE Classroom.

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Link to CAHSEE resources on CDE's website:
Link to CTE Framework:
Link to CTE Standards:

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CTEVocabulary.ppt Vocabulary PowerPoint
CTE Reading with background.ppt Effective Readers PowerPoint
FlashCards4thPg3.pdf Sample of Frayer-Style flash cards
FlashCardsBlankTemplate.doc Blank template for above Frayer-Style flash cards
FrayerBlank.doc Blank frayer model document
FrayerModelExample.doc Sample Frayer model document filled in
Most Common Affixes and Roots.doc
ReadingLevel.doc Reading level of First Responder book
Tier123.doc Tier 1, 2, and 3 words from one page in First Responder book
WhatWorksandDoesNotWork.doc What works and does not work for teaching vocabulary
AnticipationGuide.doc Anticipation Guide for vocabulary instruction
AnticipationGuideBlank.doc Blank Anticipation Guide template
IHaveWhoHasAcronyms.doc I have . . . Who has . . . activity with educational acronyms
IHaveWhoHasBlank.doc Blank "I have . . . Who has . . ." activity template.

Links to vocabulary games:

PowerPoint Templates to make games: (Smarter than a 5th Grader, Wheel of Fortune, Password, Millionaire, 20 Questions, Hollywood Squares, Weakest Link, and Concentration)