Here, you can download Michael Horton's CSTA presentation PowerPoints. You may also discuss any questions or comments that you had as a result of the presentations by clicking on the "discussion" tab above. I will also put copies of the whitepapers that I mentioned in my presentations about "Physics First" and "A 3-year Science Graduation Requirement in California."

October, 2009
Hands-On Activities to Crush Misconceptions in Physical Science
Sample chapter with info about Levels of Inquiry:

PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2007 version): CSTAMisconceptions.pptx (PowerPoint 97-2003 version): CSTAMisconception9703s.ppt
Earth Orbit document: EARTHORBIT.doc
Misconception Quiz: MisconceptionsListNew.doc
Misconception Quiz Answers: MisconceptionsAnsNew.doc

Focus Speaker Presentation:

Using Assessment Data to Improve Instruction in Science: Do We Teach in Light of the Data or in Spite of the Data?

Administrator Strand Presentation:

High School Science Dilemma:

Arbor Scientific Presentations:

Air-Powered Projectiles (© Arbor Scientific)

Color and Light (© Arbor Scientific)

White Papers:

2-Year Science Graduation Requirement Reduces California's Competitiveness and Increases Achievement Gap

Physics First and Science Education

Science enrollment data for Physshare list